The Map of pro-Russian vs pro-Ukrainian sympathies in Ukraine according to Facebook communities

This map is showing how many people are subscribed to the biggest pro-Ukrainian (blue) and pro-Russian (red) Facebook news feeds in Ukrainian regional capitals. If we take it as an indicator of moods in the regions, we will see that in Kiev more than 90% of people are pro-Ukrainian. In Odessa, considered by Russians to be a Russian city, about 60% of people according to the map are actually pro-Ukrainian. In Kharkov it's approximately 50-50. But Donetsk and Lugansk according to the map 80% are pro-Russian - the same as in Crimean Simferopol. It seems that any strong local public opposition to separatists is impossible there. Not so in Kharkov, and even less so in Odessa, the rest of Southern Ukraine and Dnepropetrovsk - there any separatist actions may (and actually do) face strong patriotic counter-actions.


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