Prague Plot

The word "Prague" in the name of the blog doesn't mean it will be exclusively about Prague. It's because the original authors of the blog (we hope there will be more) live or have lived in the city. It's also because the blog will be written from a European point of view, and Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic/Bohemia that has always been considered as the heart of Europe, as you can see on the map below. The word "Plot" is because we plotted to start it, and because Prague has always been famous for its plots, such as defenestrations. We're going to throw out of the window many prejudices, the first being that all Europeans are statists and socialists worshiping bureaucracy. This blog will be classical liberal. Its topics will be economics, politics, justice and philosophy. There are hundreds of English language classical liberal blogs on those topics, but most of them are being written by Americans and for Americans. We believe it's time to start a European one. That's our plot born in Prague.


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